07 December 2021
Hello Adventurers! We've recently uploaded a BRAND NEW video on the PCVR version of Green Hell VR explaining all the intricate mechanics in the game in comparison to the flat version of the game. Click the link below for more
29 October 2021
Starting October 15th, 2021, you can add our VR survival experience to you Steam Wishlist. Click that button to receive updates about the game and all changes Steam page related. See you in (Green) Hell!
18 August 2021
We would like to give you an update about the production of Green Hell VR, both Quest, and PCVR. The new release time of Green Hell Quest and PCVR is set for the Q1 of 2022. Both versions of the
15 June 2021
Presenting how certain mechanics in the game, look like in reality. New features presented in this clip: crafting, building, and the mighty backpack! CLICK HERE TO WATCH!